Monkhouse JUMP
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The JUMP is a method of attaching a crank type jack to a telescoping pole allowing the pole to be raised safely with a minimum of effort. The jacking assembly is clamped to the telescoping pole and can be removed after the pole is raised and pinned in place therefore requiring only one jack to raise as many poles as you need. The telescoping pole shown here is extremely durable and has been tested to a weight load of 400 pounds. When properly installed the pole is capable of withstanding high wind loads without guy wires. Numerous configurations and combinations are possible depending upon the height desired .
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Copyright 2012 Walter and Jackie Monkhouse
ColorMotion Tree
The ColorMotions Tree is a mega tree that has RGB pixel strings attached to polyester banding material, which is tensioned between a topper and bottom ring. The tensioned banding provides support for the strings, keeps them straight and aligned, and rolls up for a small storage footprint. The tree can be built to any height. No guy wires are required as each tension band is rated at 1400 lbs.
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