2010 ChicagoLand Mini PLUS
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WOW--What a week to remember! In September, 2010, we drove to Glenview, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) to the ChicagoLand Mini PLUS. We arrived in Glenview several days before the Mini to construct the first ever Blow Mold Mega Tree. Hoping to have the tree on display for the Mini, Walter, Jackie and Carrie Sansing went to work on Monday to have it completed by Friday. Carrie, the Queen of Blow Molds, designed the tree using Blow Molds she had been collecting for years. By Thursday evening, the tree was lit and was spectacular. Although we had a busy week of construction, we did find some time to tour the fabulous City of Chicago. On Friday evening, the Mini started and continued till late Saturday. There were great presentations and everyone enjoyed visiting with old friends and meeting new Christmas enthusiast. The BMMT was so impressive that after the conference it was pictured in an article about Carrie in the Chicago Sun Times, mentioned in a live interview on Radio US99 as well as a news spot on Chicago's Channel 5. Congratulation to Carrie for having the First Blow Mold Mega Tree.
Walter and Carrie--Creators of the BMMT
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